Naviance Press Release

SEP.06, 2012 — Today Alleyoop and Hobsons announced a partnership that will give teens all the help they need to get ready for college – from goal-setting all the way to personalized, self-guided math and science tutoring based on their needs. Alleyoop, the customized, gamified learning app designed just for teens, is all about helping students succeed by connecting them with the right resources at the right time; an idea that fits perfectly within Naviance Family Connection to provide actionable guidance to students activated on the Naviance Network.

Need help with your Chemistry homework, or struggling to follow what’s being taught in Algebra II? Alleyoop uses its SmartBrain technology to understand how you learn most effectively, and then recommends activities based on what will help you achieve the most success. It’s the math and science tutor that most teens need but not everyone can afford – and it’s free to connect through your Naviance account. The best thing about Alleyoop is that it’s personalized just for you, and aimed at getting you ready for the college or career of your dreams. The more you use it, the smarter it gets – and so do you!

Want to learn more about Alleyoop? Look for Alleyoop in the Naviance Marketplace to get started. Alleyoop and Naviance are a great resource for supplementary guidance at any middle-school or high-school: Naviance strives to connect everything a student learns to a real-world goal and objective, and Alleyoop guides students’ interests and skills to real college majors and careers.

We’re excited to help students get ready for college with this great new partnership! Learn more about Alleyoop in the Naviance Marketplace.

Why Offline Marketing Isn’t “For the Birds”

*Originally written for and posted on the ListEngage blog*

marketing1Admittedly, we’ve been urging (ok, harassing) our clients to get their marketing efforts online and moving with social networks, email, and blogs for the past few years, however, we’d also like to take a moment to just reflect on “good old fashion marketing”. That’s right, we’d like to suggest despite our love for HTML, landing pages, and dynamic content in emails that Offline Marketing isn’t just some hairbrained idea for old turkeys and people who still use a rotary phone.

The truth of the matter is that until the human race is completely pushed to our electronic limits with 24 hours a day of iPhones, mp3 players, laptops, tablets, and the likes – we all have to, at some point during the day, look up! So why not:

  • take that time to put your online marketing efforts on an offline print ad?
  • use your company wheels as a rolling billboard? – foodcart or not, it’s “mobile advertising”, minus the smartphone
  • tweak your business cards to include your facebook page or twitter profile?
  • host a “tweetup” or “blog party” for people who share your business interests
  • think outside the box: t-shirts with your @TwitterHandle on ‘em at conferences? QR code for a free burrito on a train advertisement? SMS campaign contest that starts with an advertisement at a sporting event? Stress balls with your cleverly named Industry Blog & URL at your next networking event? Yes, yes, yes and yes!