Language International: Traveling the World from my Living Room

Language International ImageSeveral months ago I was given an opportunity to travel the world – from the comfort of my own living room! Cambridgebased Language International allows students interested in studying abroad to work with a knowledgeable team of language learning advisors to make their international experience a success.

From comparing programs, cities, and seasons to booking their next language learning adventure, Language International provides guidance all along the way. In order to increase site traffic and improve their SEO, I wrote many keyword-rich articles about the hundreds of cities where Language International places students.

Here are some examples:

Choosing a Country to Learn In

Italian Courses in Italy Description

French Courses in France

Japanese Courses in Tokyo

Not only was this project so much fun to work on, but now I feel I might need to travel to all of the hundreds of cities that I learned about while writing for Language International during this project!

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